Broncos News · Bronco Athletics is looking for Student Trainers and Filmers for 2020-2021

Bronco Athletics is looking for student trainers and filmers for the 2020-2021 season.

If you would like to be a filmer please email

A filmer will help with filming practices and games.  They will get to use technology.  There is opportunity to do this when you go to college.  In college they are able to give scholarships to help pay while being a college filmer.  Filmer’s will be traveling with the team for each game and also will get a letter jacket after 2 seasons.  This is an awesome opportunity to be a big contributor to Bronco Athletics.


If you would like to be a student trainer please email

Here at Belton ISD we are lucky enough to have 6 staff Athletic Trainers and 2 high school Athletic Training Student programs that are aimed in teaching students basic first aid, emergency management and care of orthopedic injuries. Our students attend all practices and games of the teams/sports they are assigned to help us ensure player safety. They assist us with set up and break down of all practices/games, pre-practice/game taping, player hydration, wound care, treatment and rehab on a daily basis. These students are a vital part of our Athletic Training programs, and we could not give the quality of care our Belton ISD athletes deserve without them!


Interested in becoming part of the team behind the team at BHS or LBHS for the 2020-2021 school year? The link to our sign-up sheet, expectation and application documents is located below. Please fill them out and email them to your corresponding campus Athletic Trainer by May 27th.


Lake Belton High School-