Broncos News · NCAA Eligibility – COVID 19

NCAA Eligibility Update:

The NCAA has released guidance in regards to eligibility due to COVID 19.

Specifically they gave guidance on how Pass/Fail will be calculated for NCAA purposes for eligibility.

The NCAA assigns number grades with 1.0 to 4.0 rating. 1.0 equating to a D & 4.0 equating to an A. In the past, a Pass/Fail grade would automatically receive the lowest grade of a system. The lowest letter grade in BISD’s system is a C. So a Pass/Fail grade would be given a 2.0 value. NCAA eligibility requires a 2.3 average for eligibility.

For this season: The NCAA is giving a Pass/Fail grade a 2.3 value, only in the event that the 2.3 value helps your overall GPA in regards to NCAA eligibility. If the 2.3 value hurts your overall GPA in regards to NCAA eligibility, the 2.3 will not be used for calculations of your GPA in regards to NCAA eligibility. The courses will be still be used to meet course requirements, but will not be used for calculation purposes.

This is only for NCAA eligibility clearinghouse purposes.


If you have any further questions in regards to the NCAA Eligibility information please feel free to contact Sam Skidmore or Brian Cope.