Girls NBMS 7th Grade Volleyball, Girls NBMS 8th Grade Volleyball · NBMS Volleyball Ends Season With A Sweep

On Thursday night North Volleyball traveled to Belton High School in their grand finale district playoff game against South. The night ended with the Broncos sweeping the Tigers in a four win celebration.

7B: 25-19, 25-19. 7A: 25-12, 25-15.  8B: 28-26, 25-8. 8A: 25-17, 25-17.


7B took the court ready to play in the first set, as Maya Wasson put the first 5 points on the board. South answered back as North struggled with forced errors in serve receive. After a time out, the Broncos came back as Parker Ling and Ashlyn McNiel showed force in back row defense. McKenna Koontz ended the first set with four straight points, 25-19. The second set had North and South battling point for point as missed serves seemed to be the theme, until Mariah Gaines serves gave North the lead they needed. Ranisha Okwaba had two assists and a great attempt at her serve. The set ended with the win, 25-19.


7A was first to take the Tiger court and Madison Bingham served the first 4 ace points. South was unable to gain momentum and was forced to take their first time out. Point for point North led by only two, until Jalynn Russell gave North a six point lead with her serves, 17-11. Madison Bingham forced South to take their second time out as she added six points, 25-12. In the second set North and South gave each other points with missed serves. Then, Mariah Gaines gave North the lead they need and forced South to take a timeout, 12-7.  Madison Weber had two kills and Keirsten Downs had two timed dump balls.  Blair Costine and Presley Bradford each contributed four assists ending the set, 25-15.


8B fired up and ready to go as top performers of the night were; Lilly Allman with 9 serves, 2 aces and 1 block. Kaylee Hudgens with 8 serves and 2 blocks. Brinley Agee with 6 serves, 2 aces, 1 block and 1 kill. Emmi Lloyd with 6 serves, 1 ace and 2 blocks. Trista Sheka with 2 serves, 3 aces, 2 assists and 3 digs. Katherine Moore with 2 serves, 2 blocks and 2 kills. Kaegan Huddleston with 2 serves. Heavenly Middleton-Reed with 3 blocks and 2 kills. Shelby Beck, Hannah Hutchins, Mila Knight and Brianna Sutterfield helped out on defense and supported their teammates.


8A ended the night with high energy that took them over the top for the double set wins, 25-17. Alexis Martinez, Emma Jensen and Natalia Guillen worked back row defense giving Hannah Ward perfect opportunities to set Aneia Stallings, MyKenna Johnston, and Aubrey Yeager for the kills. Riley Clawson and Sophia Hadsall had two blocks each. Chelsi Miller had four saves and 12 points overall in both sets. Kendall Cartwright dumped two balls and picked up one dig. It was a great night to be a Bronco!!


Thank you NMBS parents for supporting the volleyball program and Girl’s Athletics! Go Broncos!!